BBQ Sauce vs Marinade: What's The Difference?

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Do you love grilled food? If so, you've probably wondered what the difference is between BBQ sauce and marinade. Both of these condiments are used to add flavor to grilled food, but they serve different purposes. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between BBQ sauce and marinade and teach you how to use them to make your grilled food taste amazing! To find your own favorite new flavors, be sure to shop with Beasley's Smokehouse Rub. We have options for any type of food, so you can get cooking in the kitchen or on the grill!

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bbq being added to chicken

Sauces Add Moisture And Flavor

When you're grilling meat, it's important to keep the moisture in the meat so that it doesn't dry out. However, even if you keep your grill temperature low, there is still a good chance of drying out some parts of the food — especially for leaner cuts like pork chops or chicken breast. This is where BBQ sauces come into play. They add a layer of moisture to the meat and help protect it from drying out. You can apply them during or after cooking, depending on how you want your meat cooked.

bbq ribs

Sauces Can Be Added At Any Time

Sauces are also great for adding flavor to meat that's already cooked. You can add them during cooking for a smoky, caramelized glaze, or after your food is done so it doesn't burn on the grill. The most popular way to use sauces is with barbecue ribs — slather some sauce over top of those delicious ribs and let it cook in for a few minutes so the sauce can really soak into the meat.

beef in marinade

Marinades Are Mixtures Of Ingredients

Marinades are made with a combination of some sort of acid, salt, fruit or vegetables, and spices. These ingredients help tenderize the meat and add flavor to it. You can also apply a marinade during cooking for extra moisture, but most people choose not to because it could burn off or char due to the high heat.

marinaded chicken

Marinades Only Affect The Surface

Marinades are best when they have time to soak into the meat. You can leave your food in a marinade overnight, or even up to 24 hours depending on what kind of acid is used. However, it's important that you don't over-marinate because this will cause the meat to become mushy and lose its texture. While marinades only penetrate into the meat a little bit, sauces can be added or dipped with every bite.

Both sauces and marinades are great ways to add flavor to your grilled food! Sauces can add moisture and protect against drying out, while marinades help tenderize the meat and add flavor. So which one should you use? It really depends on what you're cooking and how much time you have. Find some of your new favorite flavorings today to add to your food with Beasley's Smokehouse Rub.