Cast Iron Skillet Shrimp

For this recipe you will want to gather

1 pound of Skinless, devined, uncooked shrimp! ½ stick of butter,1 Tsp Lemon juice, Beasley’s Country Cajun, and your cast iron.

Start by getting your grill or smoker heated up, then lay the shrimp in the pan, we suggest laid out beside each other like showed in photos. Start by cutting the butter into blocks and placing it throughout the pan, Season over top with a heavy dusting of Beasley’s Country Cajun. Once your smoker has reached 225 place the pan on for about 30 minutes or until shrimp is pink! About 10 minutes into the cooking, squeeze lemon juice over shrimp! Serve as a compliment to a steak or over rice as the main entree!