Poor Man Burnt Ends

This is a quick and easy one that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

  1. For this Recipe we decided to keep it cheap and use a shoulder roast we picked up from the Grocery !

  2. Cube the meat into medium sized squares, once finished place on wire rack

  3. Season the cubes with BBQ Secret Blend. Be sure to coat them well and get both sides!

  4. In an effort to make this one quick we added our meat to the grill to get a quick color. If time would have allowed for it we suggest to smoke them till a internal temp of about 155

  5. Once this is completed add your eat to a aluminum pan with a jar of your favorite BBQ sauce and approx. 3 Tbsp or BBQ Secret blend

  6. Add this back to your grill/ Smoker for minutes until the BBQ sauce starts to caramelize on the meat!

  7. Let these rest for 5 minutes then SERVE!


1-2 lb Shoulder Roast

1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce

Beasley's BBQ Secret Blend

Beasley's Steak Dust